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Sniper23 perth dating

Before that, he was a drama professor at Bishop's University, Canada. He operates the Vancouver-based William Davis Centre for Actors' Study, an acting school for beginners and professionals.

Best known as the Cigarette-Smoking Man on The X-Files. But Lex offers him a deal stating that he can help him with a case against his father Lionel Luthor that would lead to the biggest arrest of his career. He is the FBI Agent who comes to arrest Lex Luthor. In the meantime, he was very close to discovering Clark's secret, but ended his short visit to Smallville on pretty good terms with the Kents. He does eventually find out Clark's secret, and tries to tell Lex and Lionel Luthor that Clark is special. At this time, Perry White is a journalist working for an obscure paper, but was once a great reporter (and we know he will be again, as Clark Kent's future boss and editor of the Daily Planet).

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