Updating gatherer

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Updating gatherer

I am not covering the add user wizard here as other posts exist out there on how to do this. So John, is a good guy and he’s working for my company’s new department.But wait, as we can see here, he still has an uk address, not – that is good, that is what is expected. Let’s open up ADUC (Active Directory Users & Computers) From Start, go to Administrative Tools, and you will see ADUC at the top.You can see that the email address is added as an additional address.And that is how to add an additional domain name and have it apply to only certain users.

If we want to move an existing user to a new department, just edit their AD account to change their Department, and then reapply the policy.

Under Step 2, select the hyperlinked word ‘specified’ and enter our department name value of Titlerequired. Click the radio button for that option, and click Browse.

You can then click Preview, and the policy will show you which users or recipient types it will affect. You will then see all the domains we have setup on our system. Lets switch back to our Recipient area, and check the email addresses our users now have. We get those same options as before, click on Next, and Apply.

My customer is expanding his business, and is going to add a specialist arm of his company in a particular field.

As such he has setup a new website for that particular department and wants some of his staff to have a new email address based on whether they work for that part of the company.

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For programs that are listed in the tool UI, the product code will appear as a tool tip when you mouse over the product name.